Transfer Foil Plinth Profile

By using our imported foils with strong adhesion strength and high heat resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance in MobelPro plinth production, we can also offer our customers an economical product  “without” the use of the profile wrapping unit. As a result of the printing made with the hot stapming method, the transfer foil is not peeled off from the surface and is sent on the product as taking the role of transfer foil. The profiles are covered with a small masking tape on both sides and the foil is prevented from being lifted during transportation.

Available Sizes:

transfer folio plinth profile

Colors available as Transfer Foil:

– Golden Mirror

– Brushed Gold

– Chrome Mirror

– Brushed Aluminum

– INOX Aluminum

– Copper

– Bronze

and other bands with transfer foil in LUXURY yellow in the Edge Band category.

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transfer folio options

Same colors and patterns to ensure uniform design;

Also supplied for 90° corner joins, 180° edge joins and adjustable edge joins.

The standard length is 4.00 m, and 3.95 mt or 3.90 mt can be requested for container loading, and special sizes are produced in 2.95 mt, 3.00 mt, 3.60 mt or 3.66 mt. Standard packaging and parcels are designed for 3.95 mt.