Wood veneer edgebanding

Wood Veneer Edgebanding

Wood veneer edgebands are a finishing touch that blends perfectly with veneered edges and panels. The 0.50mm thick real wood boards are meticulously joined together to form a seamless roll of ready-to-use bands. The wood veneer edgebanding stock colors available in Leon are the top 10 running colors on the market, and other colors can be made to order.
The wood veneer edgebanding glued in Leon can also be presented in a self-adhesive and iron-free form called Peel&Stick by applying transfer tape on the back.
All products can be sliced and glued in any width starting from 16mm. The length of the roll is generally 50 meters and it is shipped in the same boxes with glued melamine and glued PVC edge bands.

LEON Contact: info@matchcaps.com