Aluminum Plinth Profile

MobelPro plinth systems were developed for modern kitchen design. Both functional and decorative, all necessary elements for any kitchen, plinth profiles, 90° corner, 180° corner, end-caps and plinth sealing profiles are supplied with the MobelPro brand. These profiles, which are functionally perfect compared to their equivalents and form a reliable barrier against dirt and moisture, are produced by the co-extrusion method and have a soft transparent sealing lip. We wrap MobelPro edge and corner joint profiles on the profile wrapping lines where we wrap the aluminum foils we import with PUR glue and supply our customers with the product in perfect harmony.

alüminyum baza profili

Colors available in aluminum:

Brushed Aluminum

Chrome Mirror

Brushed Copper

Brushed Gold

Brushed Bronze

Hg Whi̇te

Brushed Inox

Hg Black

Brushed Black

Smoke Grey
Baza Profilleri Çeşitleri

Same colors and patterns to ensure uniform design; Also supplied for 90° corner joins, 180° edge joins and adjustable edge joins. All aluminum plinth profiles come with a protective foil on them and there are 15 profiles in each package. The standard length is 4.00 m, and 3.95 mt or 3.90 mt can be requested for container loading, and special sizes are produced in 2.95 mt, 3.00 mt, 3.60 mt or 3.66 mt. Standard packaging and parcels are designed for 3.95 mt.