Aluminum Edgebanding

Aluminum Edgebanding

Aluminum edge banding: Aluminum foil is a soft metal film, as it not only has the advantages of moistureproof, airtight, lightproof, abrasion resistance, odor protection, non-toxic and tasteless, but also has an elegant silver-white luster. Beautiful patterns of various colors and patterns are easy to decorate, so it has become more popular in daily life.
Aluminum Edge banding
Aluminum Edgebanding colors

New Trend Aluminum Edgebanding

Depending on the developments in furniture design, surface technologies are also changing and developing, and aluminum sheets have been one of the latest trends in furniture surfaces. As Mobelkant, it has been essential for us to develop aluminum edge bands and we offer this product to our customers by using the wrapping lines in our own facility.

Can Be Produced In Desired Thicknesses

Mobelkant aluminum edgebanding are produced by laminating 80-90 micron aluminum foils brought from abroad with PUR glue on Mobelkant 0.80mm PVC or ABS coils drawn as sheets. The finished product thickness in stocks is generally 0.90mm, and it is possible to produce other desired thicknesses.
aluminium edgebands hotmelt

How to Apply Glue to Aluminum Edgebands?

Since the back of the product is PVC, unlike the need to adjust the machine blades, there is no non-standard application in glue application, it can be adhered using EVA, PA, APAO or PUR5 based hot melt adhesive.
Aluminum Color Options

Aluminum Color Options

We have increased our aluminum edgebanding options, which are produced by laminating real metal on PVC. We will continue to respond to all demands of the market and follow the trend as quickly as possible.