Flexible Edgebanding

Flexible Edgebanding

Designers have transformed many straight-line edges on shelves, shop fixtures and accommodation furniture and caravans, primarily tables, into contoured, softer edges.
Flexible Edgeband

Difficult to Heat and Soften

Beveled edges can not be edge banded with rigid 3mm, depending on how tight the radius is, and requires flexible edgebanding to conform to 3mm, or time-consuming and labor-intensive effort to heat and soften.
Flexible Edge banding

Possible to Match to PVC Edgebanding

It is now possible to match the popular textures of HPL, Melamine and Vinyl panels in Mobelkant flexible 3mm PVC, which is not always the case.
3mm Flexible Edgebanding

Compatible with 3mm PVC

Our R&D work for this product, which is mostly used in the USA, ended up very well 3 years ago and we have been able to supply flexible edgebanding to this market since 2019. The same glues (EVA, PA, APAO or PUR5) they use in straight edge banding machines are compatible with flexible 3 mm PVC.
Since Flex PVC colors are compatible with 3 mm rigid colors, they can be used in the same project when needed.
Unlimited Color Options

Turkey Stocks

Our color chart in our İnegöl warehouse, where we keep 0.40mm and 0.80mm coils and provide slicing and shipping services to our customers on the same day, has been renewed. In the appendix, you can find the names and images of the colors together with the particleboard suppliers.
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