PVC Plinth Profile

MobelPro plinth systems form the basis of modern kitchen design.Easy fixation can be achieved with snap clips for the plinth cover, which can be used quickly. The waterproof sealing lip ensures reliable and is protected against moisture and dirt.

Available Sizes:

pvc plinth profile

Since we can wrap all 0.40mm PVC edgeband master rolls  that we produce as Mobelkant on our plinth profiles, as MopelPro, more than 200 different decors in the color chart are primarily:

– Matte black

– Matte White

– Bright White

– Gloss Black

– Aluminum

– Silver

– Golden Mirror

– Brushed Gold


We can supply all other AGT, Kastamonu, Starwood, Yıldız and Kronospan colors.

If a special decoration is desired, there is almost no decoration that we cannot do for 1.000 m2 of PVC Foil ( 0.30mm or 0.40mm) production. With the identity of an edgebander company that produces decor, being able to offer our customers near-infinite colors in plinth profiles has carried the Mobelkant and MobelPro brands to the top in the sector.

Same colors and patterns to ensure uniform designs;

Also supplied for 90° corner joins, 180° edge joins and adjustable edge joins. While protective foil is not applied to the profile wrapped with matte PVC foil, protective foil is applied to all glossy products, just like aluminum foils. The standard length is 4.00 m, and 3.95 mt or 3.90 mt can be requested for container loading, and special sizes are produced in 2.95 mt, 3.00 mt, 3.60 mt or 3.66 mt. Standard packaging and parcels were designed for 3.95 mt.