3d edgebanding

3D Edgebanding

While conventional edgebands are extruded from powder raw material, Mobelkant 3D edgebands are extruded from granules, thus creating a unique ultra-transparent, crystal clear product.
3d edge banding

Perfect Color Matching on 3D Edgebanding

The biggest detail of these edge bands is that after the edge band is milled, a uniform appearance will be created between the material (PVC, Acrylic, PET, etc.) and the edge band, together with the successful color match, and it will appear like it is 6-8 times more thicker than the surface coating material.
3d edgeband

3D Edge Bands Impact Resistant

Since the surface printing of Mobelkant 3D edgebanding is on the reverse side, it can not be erased or damaged no matter how high the pressure is. Physical damage to the acrylic surface, such as scratches or indentations, can be easily removed by polishing.
Mobelkant 3d edgebanding

Tip in Edge Banding

Straight processing of Mobelkant 3D Edge Banding is not a problem with any conventional edge banding machine, but banding over 30 m/min is not recommended, especially in winter.