transfer foil edgebanding

Transfer Foil Edgebanding

As ASTS Profil | Mobelkant, we have been presenting our 20 years of expertise in hot stamping technology to our customers under the name of Mobelkant transfer foil edgebands Luxury Collection series, with the identity of a profile manufacturer, for more than 3 years. We have made our foils with improved self-lamination feature, strong adhesion strength and high heat resistance, which we have been importing for 20 years, become sufficient for edge banding by increasing their abrasion and scratch resistance as well as their chemical resistance, through our P&D studies.
transfer foil edge banding

Exceptional Brilliance in Designs

The most important advantage of this product is that fancy designs are exhibited with extraordinary brightness, but this brings doubts such as lacquer removal as well as surface resistance in mind. As Mobelkant, we are able to supply this edgeband to our customers with a special lacquer application technique, transfer foil with increased chemical resistance and a protective foil triangle specially developed for this product.
transfer foil silver mirror effect edgebanding

Single or Double Color Option

Although Mobelkant Transfer Foil edgebands can be produced in one color or two colors at the factory, they can also be offered to our customers in 2 or 3 colors by combining them with another plain or patterned 0.80mm edge band in LOW AMOUNTS in our İnegöl/Bursa facility. This joining process is done with masking tape, and problems such as glue overflow or slipping are never encountered.
transfer foil gold mirror effect edgebanding

How to Choose Glue?

Mobelkant Transfer Foil Edgebands can be bonded using most EVA, PA, APAO or PUR5 based Hot Melt Adhesives.
Unlimited Color Options

Luxury Collection

Our Luxury series catalog, which we present our transfer foiled edgebands, is with you.
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