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Screw Covers

The 0.40mm edgebands produced in the Mobelkant factory are turned into screw covers in Leon’s production facilities, providing a 1-to-1 matching plug supply with the edge band.While many edgebanding manufacturers operate in the same color tone with the chipboard surface and the same gloss and embossed edgebanding, the same is not true for the screw cover suppliers. Companies that enter into price competition in the market are not satisfied with the patterns of the board manufacturers. Instead of supplying perfectly matched products, they have competed to become an economical supplier by bringing 0.18mm door foil from the Far East through common colors.As we, in Leon company, produce screw caps from our edgebands that are 100% matched with the boards in the market, we may not be able to catch the prices in the market, but we give a perfect match guarantee that no one gives.

All of our customers who supply the edge band from us also buy screw caps from us, since it would be pointless to destroy all the effort and expense spent on furniture production with a poorly matched flat 14mm in diameter. We can also provide economical products by thinning the PVC without changing the glue and paper, provided that it is only in high amount of certain colors (such as Black, White) from our 0.25mm foil with -JOWAT primer- produced product in the Mobelkant factory. In the third year of our journey that we embarked on with the slogan of “the widest scale in the world” with 420 colors, we will increase the number of these colors even more with different production methods.

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