Melamine Edgebanding

Melamine Edgebanding

Leon Forest Products company was established in the last quarter of 2020 and its purpose is to meet the by-products that Mobelkant customers can demand. The first of these is the melamine edge band. The melamine edge band product is brought from abroad as a jumbo rolls and after the color desired by the customer is obtained by printing in the Mobelkant factory, gluing and slitting processes are performed in Leon’s facility, shrinked in 5 rolls and then exported to the whole world.
Melamine Edge banding

Colors and Sizes

The raw paper brought is 170gr and the thickness of the finished product is around 0.26mm/+-5%.
White and Black colors
– Smooth
– Textured ( Orange Peel )
– High Gloss
and other colors are supplied as Plain or High Gloss without embossing. All sizes from 16mm to 500mm can be produced and shipped.
Melamine Edgebanding application

Melamine Edgeband Application Type

Melamine edgebanding is a single layer paper and there are 5 types of application, these are:
* Standard
* Softforming
* T-Shape
* Contour
* Blind

Price/Performance Raw Material

The paper supplied by Leon Forest Products is for Standard and Blind applications, and other application papers, especially Soft Forming, can be easily supplied. The iron-on melamine edgebands, which is supplied as a pre-glued edgeband (iron-on edgabanding), can be wrapped and served in 5 mt packages specially for hardware stores. It is recommended to use ironing pads in the use of iron-on edgebands, especially for embossed products.

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