peel and stick edgeband

Peel and Stick Edgebanding

All different kinds of PVC and ABS edge bands produced in Mobelkant factories are shipped to customers by applying Self Adhesive Transfer Tape on the back, slitting and forming into 50m rolls at Leon production facility. This product can be used both for edge banding and as a decoration product, and can be easily applied by any carpenter or manufacturer without the need for an extra tool. Although bedheads, doors, curved edge applications are the main areas of use, the adhesive strength of the tape is very high and no decrease in strength was observed up to 90°C in the tests.

( As P&S ) the most preferred products are Transfer Foil edgebands -exported to the whole world by Mobelkant and these bands are in all sizes from 8mm to 390mm- It is supplied by Leon as peel and stick edgebanding in order to be used both as edge banding, profile wrapping and decorative profile. In addition to Transfer Foil tapes, real aluminum tapes can also be converted to P&S products for decorative purposes, and the P&S product is in demand as edgebanding, especially in White and Black colours, in the US market. All transfer foil products are produced with protective foil, whether requested by the customer or not. Again, since any quantity can be ordered for these products, there is no minimum production quantity required for orders. For DIY markets, the product is also available in a 5 mt package, just like the glued melamine edge band.

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peel and stick edge banding