hybrid edgebanding

Hybrid Edgebanding

Mobelkant Hybrid edgebands, which we have developed as PVC + ABS two layers, upon request from designers, especially for use in white furniture, is generally 0.50mm white on the surface, and the floor is 0.50mm thick, in any solid color (Black, Yellow, Red, Orange,etc that changes according to demand)
hybrid edgeband

Gluing & Taping Application

Adhesion strength is the same as standard edgebanding and banding operation is performed with the same glues (EVA, PA, APAO or PUR5).
hybrid edge banding

Tip for Hybrid Edge Banding

Since Mobelkant Hybrid edgebanding product is extruded in single extrusion, not sheet, size should be consulted.
Unlimited Color Options

Turkey Stocks

Our color chart in our İnegöl warehouse, where we keep 0.40mm and 0.80mm coils and provide slicing and shipping services to our customers on the same day, has been renewed. In the appendix, you can find the names and images of the colors together with the particleboard suppliers.
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