Color matching on the edge band is very important for furniture manufacturers, but the product that is much more sought after is profile wrapping foil. Since the surface area of the profile wrapping foils is larger, it has to be better than the edgeband in terms of both color matching and surface quality. There were 2 main reasons – one is price and the other is never ending different pattern demand – underlying the failure of the edgeband manufacturers to provide the profile wrapping foil. But now, this has been ruled out by the companies that produce edgebands recently because of the risks of deadline, minimum order quantity and color obsolescence of the foils coming from the Far East, taking into account of the increasing demands of furniture manufacturers have recently been met by making SPECIAL pattern cylinders by us. For the same plate, we use a separate pattern cylinder (cliché) for the edge band and a separate for decorative foil, and we guarantee perfect color match to our customers in both products. We can also supply almost all of the patterns we produce as edge bands as 390mm wide and 0.30mm thick PVC profile wrapping foil. This is a great advantage for all manufacturers who do not buy the edgabands from us.


The 2nd type of foil, which is in high demand from our company, is produced with a transfer foil and covered with a protective foil, and the 0.30mm thick foils produced by Hot Transfer, where fancy models such as Chrome Mirror, Gold Mirror, Copper Mirror are used the most, which we call ” Luxury Series” The profile wrappings made using these foils actually seem to rival the PS furniture profiles we produce, but in general, the desired dimensions of the PS decorative profiles do not exceed 20-25mm wide, while the demand for the foils produced by the profile wrapping method, which we receive, is mostly for profiles with a width of 50-70mm and above. Since these 390mm wide foils we produce come out of edgebanding production lines, they come with a primer applied on the back and show higher adhesion strength against their Asian competitors. It is guaranteed against problems such as lacquer removal, lacquer cracking, and its brightness level is extremely high and it comes with a protective foil.

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