Who are we?

We are manufacturer of PVC, PS and ABS decorative surface materials for the furniture industry.

Our History:

The company was first established under the name of TDesign in 1992 with the partnership of 4 Engineer friends in a workshop in Dolayoba/Pendik to manufacture plastic profiles, molds and machinery with a small capital. The first job taken is the mixer, extruder etc. of a newly established company to manufacture equipment. The production of door and window gaskets with soft foamed PVC, which has not been tried before, was started.

Since there are many opportunities in the sector, Özprofil Ltd., which manufactures soft PVC profiles upon the offer of a company that makes plastic profile and cable machines,was established. Plastic profiles were started to be produced for the automotive, construction, furniture and industries, with great interest in the plastics fair attended by the machinery company.

Product range was developed with the production of Coex Technical Profiles, Double Colored 3 mm Edgeband, Picture Frame Profiles. With the production made in 1995, we became the first edgebanding company among the companies producing edgebanding in Turkey. Afterwards, Özprofil was closed by taking a new partner and ASTS Profil was established.

The workshop, which was initially located in IMES, was developed by moving to Tuzla Industrial Zone on an area of 5000 m2 with growing collaborations and increasing production capacity in 2000. In the new factory, besides various PVC profiles, PS picture frame production was emphasized. In time, 18 profile lines, PS granule machine and RECYCLED PS Frame production, as well as PVC furniture edgeband production were developed.

With the increase in the production of edge bands, in 2009, the second factory was established in the same industrial area, which aims to produce completely edgebands with the methods developed by itself.

After export activities that started to accelerate in 2015 and have reached 40 countries today, edgebanding investments accelerated and the capacity was increased to 850 tons, and the product range was increased to a wide product range that includes almost all thermoplastic materials such as ABS, PMMA, Coex, Transfer foil, Lamination, etc.

Again, dealership was given to dozens of countries with the Mobelkant brand created in 2017 for edgebanding. At this point, the goal of the company is to become a symbol of prestige and trust in the long term, beyond increasing its share in domestic and foreign markets by achieving the sales and marketing targets set both in the edge band product and other plastic profile products.

Statistics Data:

In these statistical data we shared, you can see how Mobelkant has grown in the last 5.5 years and how it has increased the diversity of its customers while growing. While our turnover (in TL basis) has increased by 600% in the last 5.5 years, the rate received by our biggest customer in this turnover has decreased from 24% to 4%.